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Sandwich Press Veggie Fritters

My littlest one is now 9 months old and we’ve been having fun experimenting with new foods, flavours & textures.

With my first baby I did purées as advised by the hospital… Only problem was he never really got past the puree stage. He was one of those baby’s who, when it had even the tiniest lump he’d gag and bring it all back up. And by the time he finally got past that stage he became MR FUSSSSSSSSY! Even now for dinner every night he has either nuggets/sausages/fish fingers with roast Potatos and veggies which is either carrot sticks/cucumber/beans/peas/corn cob.

Then comes along my second baby and when it came to her eating food I decided I wasn’t going through the fussy puree stage again and I heard about Baby Led Weaning! This was perfect! Everything I ate so did she! Apart from an allergy to egg until 18 months, she ate everything I did. Even now she’s still a great eater although she does pull a few of Her brothers lines at the dinner table occasionally like “my belly hurts”, “im too tired” or “I don’t like it” wen though she ate it the night before lol.

So now I have bub #3 who I’ve been doing a mixed of mushed up foods and baby led weaning with. He’s had 2 big reactions to dairy and has ezcema as well so I’ve had to cut out the dairy from his and my diet (im Exclusivly Breastfeeding him). And as such I need to great creative with quick meals sometimes… Which is where the sandwich press comes in handy!

I cook on my sandwich press probably 3-4 times a week but never sandwiches. Eggs, fritters, pancakes, bacon (for miss 3), “grilled” veggies for bub. It’s such a brilliant tool! Saves so much time and electricity in the kitchen which in turn saves $$ which we all want.

Tonight we went out late night shopping and didn’t get home til 7pm, everyone was hungry especially bub but I didn’t want to just give him toast. So I whipped up these super easy corn & zuchinni frotters. They’re diary & nut free, can easily be made gluten/wheat free so they’d be great for lunchboxes too! And only take 5 mins to cook. Plus you don’t need to use oil to cook them so they’re super healthy too!


• Crack 2 eggs in to a bowl, add 1/2 a grated zuchinni, 1/2 cup frozen or fresh corn, 1/2 tsp minced garlic, pinch salt & 1 tblsp SR flour • mix until combined • spoon tablspoon amounts onto a pre heated sandwich press, close the press down slowly watching none of the liquid oozes out • cook for 4-5 mins or til golden brown.

they’re so yummy as is or would be perfect with some hummus or natural yoghurt on top.

You could also grate or add in any mix of veggies you have laying round too! And they’d be something fun for the kids to make over the holidays!

erin 🙂


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