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MCN hints & tips

So after being in a high of last fortnight a shop coming in at $201, I was a bit dissapointed at this fortnights being $255 plus we still have to get dog food.

that being said I did have to get Nappies ($11 from Woolies), detergent ($3.50 on sale at coles) and laundry liquid ($12 – not on sale however, I like the dissolvable capsules as I find them the most cost effective as they’re “portion controlled” and there’s no chance of over using them. Normally I get them on sale however there were none today, but I got the most for the least amount of money and im trying out a new brand so we’ll see how they turn out). And these are things that do add up when it comes to groceries.

For Nappies I do normally use MCNs (modern cloth Nappies) when at home. I use disposables for going out and bed time. Going full cloth is a tricky option for some so I go half/half. I totally get also why though cloth can be off putting but once you get into a routine with it, it’s so much easier!

Generic MCN picture from Google. These are AIO (all in one) size adjustable style to fit from newborn to around 2 years old depending on your child’s size


Once they’re clean and washed, when I am putting all the Nappies away I put liners inside them all, fold them over and stack them all up so they’re ready to go. I use 2 liners in each at a time too so you can get longer than 30 mins out of each one (probably 2 hours) which saves having to wash so many. When washing I wash wet ones in our normal wash and dirty ones seperate.

With washing try not to tumble dry them, especially those with a waterproof lining as this can ruin it and they won’t work as well.  I peg the shells (the fabric part you see) inside out in the sun. The liners I also peg out the sun too. The sun is actually a natural bleach and if you can peg them out in the morning and leave them there the whole day they’ll get a good dose of that germ killing sunlight on them!

I probably have about 25 MCNs but I also do washing every day. I would say I only use about 6-8 of them a day.

I don’t have any particular favourite or brand I really like. The “China cheapies” are good for starters caz you can get them cheap for around $6-$8 each on ebay and their lining generally has a PUL or similar kinda fabric so I find they don’t leak all that much.

I’ve also got some itti bittis which are good caz they’re sized so they fit bub a bit better and there’s no clipping and unclipping snaps to adjust sizes. They’re so nice and soft too with a velvet/minky feel to them.

I’ve  also got a few baby bee-hinds and homemade ones which I’ve collected over the years.

If you can get into the hang of them and get the chance to wash reguarly then MCNs really are a great money saver and they’re a lot better for the environment too!


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