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Saving money on groceries

When I first started trying to find ways to save money on our groceries I was blown away by suggestions that people had.

Some were great and some wouldn’t work for us, and that’s totally ok because every family & household are soooo different!

But I started to take notes of and save some so that Id be able to remember them in future. The pictures above (sorry I cant work out how to copy & paste the hints in here yet so I have to take screen shots instead) are just some of the things I do and refer to, to help save money on our fortnightly groceries.

i think if I had to choose 1 thing to share, it would be. Make sure you have always used up the meat in your freezer and the staples like eggs & beans before buying more.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years we’ve done a “bulk shop” for meat only to go out again a few weeks later and buy more. We haven’t used up what is already there and as such you accumulate food and it just sits there. Now yes it may be frozen, but do you really know how long that bag has been sitting there in the freezer for? Or how long that tin was sitting on the shelves for at the shops before you purchased it?

it may take getting creative with your meals, coming up with new ideas. But it’ll feel much better knowing you’ve got fresh food in the fridge and freezer for meals. Unless the bulk meat i’m buying I really would use reguarly, I just wouldn’t buy.

Also things like eggs are so versatile for brekky, lunch & dinner! So I always make sure we have heaps of eggs here. Brekky you can have things like the obvious eggs on toast, lunch you could have a BLT sandwich or wrap with egg on it for added protein to fill you, dinner you can have quiche or frittata (which is fantastic for throwing random veggies in that you need to use up and it bulks it up too which is great for leftovers).  And ofcourse they’re essential for baking. I love getting the homebrand 75c cake mixes and adding diced up fruit, oats, choc chips, coconut etc to them. They’re such a cheap snack and you can make so many different flavours to suit your family! Plus you can make them dairy free by using soy/almond milk and olive or coconut oil instead of butter.

Now I know there’s  always a debate about caged eggs and free range. I do try buy free range as often as possible if they’re on special, but unfortunately they are so much more expensive. Which sucks caz yes they are from chooks with better homes and as such they’re better for us too. So in regards to eggs that’s a personal choice for you and your family to choose what kind you like to purchase.

These are just a few suggestions to help lower your grocery bill. I’ll add more as I think of them.

erin 🙂


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